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Airdrie Transit 2019 Novabus LFS

In spring of 2019, Airdrie Transit took delivery of two (currently) 2019 model Novabus LFS. This was done to expand the fleet and they have since entered service in plain white. These units are similar to the 2018 models.


 Engine: Cummins L9

Transmission: ZF Ecolife

Seating: 37 Seats, American Seating Insight

Destination Sign: Luminator Horizon LED


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6/16/2019 3725 is seen preparing to exit off of 36th Street NE heading towards 16th Avenue NE on the Route 900 Airdrie/Crossiron Mills.  6/16/2019
6/16/2019  3726 is seen departing Rundle Station on the Route 900 Airdrie/Crossiron Mills. 6/16/2019

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