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Airdrie Transit 2010 New Flyer D60LFR

In 2010, the City of Airdrie took delivery of 3 2010 model New Flyer D60LFRs. They were to be used for the launch of ICE (Intercity Express) that would serve from Airdrie to Downtown Calgary in October of 2010. These buses are exclusively used for Route 901 and 902, and occasionally on the 900 (usually during the holiday season). 


 Engine: Cummins ISL9, EPA 2010

Transmission: Allison B500R

Seating: 62 Seats, American Seating Insight

Destination Sign: Luminator Horizon LED


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12/26/2018 3700 is seen departing Rundle Station late at night as a Route 900 Airdrie/Crossiron Mills. Note the high beams being used.  6/16/2019
12/27/2018 3701 is seen by Centre Street and 6th Avenue south on the Route 901 East Airdrie. 6/16/2019
5/27/2019 3702 is seen by 9th Avenue and Centre Street south on the Route 901 East Airdrie. 6/16/2019

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