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Calgary Transit 2009 New Flyer D60LFR

 From late 2009 to early 2010, Calgary Transit took delivery of 21 2009 model New Flyer D60LFRs. These buses are very similar to the previous orders, but come with some minor changes, such as the improvements to the touch strip doors. All units entered service in the Red livery which was a change to the previous orders as they entered service in plain white. Units 6060 to 6063 are equipped with a bike rack. 

Engine: Cummins ISM 

Transmission: Allison B500R 6 speed  

Seating: 55 seats (American Seating 6468) 

Destination Sign: Luminator Horizon LED


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2/26/2019   6042 is seen turning onto Beddington Boulevard and Centre Street North on the Route 64 MacEwan. 3/2/2019 
9/9/2019 6042 is seen by 52nd Street and 130th Avenue SE as it waits to begin a school trip - Route 861 Bishop Grandin/Douglasdale. 9/10/2019
 2/15/2019 6043 is seen by 58th Avenue and Macleod Trail S on the Route 9 Chinook. Due to the lack of 40 foot buses available out of Victoria Park that day, Artics were sent in to fill the gaps for certain PM rush trips and this was one of them. 3/2/2019
6/17/2019 6044 is seen by Brentwood Road and south of Brisebois Drive NW on the Route 9 University of Calgary. 6/17/2019
10/8/2019 6044 is seen by 5th Avenue and 2nd Street SW on layover before departing on the Route 305 BRT Bowness. 10/20/2019
6/20/2019 6045 is seen by McKenzie Towne Terminal finishing a trip on a School run - Route 825 Bishop Carroll/McKenzie Towne. 6/22/2019
 1/10/2019 6049 is seen turning onto 1st Street and 6th Avenue SW on the Route 307 MAX Purple to City Centre.  3/2/2019
6/13/2019 6049 is seen by Centre Steet and Beddington Boulevard on the Route 301 BRT City Centre. 6/14/2019
9/30/2019 6050 is seen departing Saddletowne on the Route 61 Taradale. 10/20/2019
 1/9/2019  6051 is seen by Falconridge Drive NE on the Route 23 52nd Street East. 3/2/2019
9/4/2019 6051 is seen departing Saddletowne Station on the Route 23 17th Avenue SE.
4/24/2019 6052 is seen by 31st Street NW on the Route 82 Nolan Hill. 4/25/2019
9/3/2019 6052 is seen departing Saddletowne Station on the Route 23 17th Avenue SE. 9/7/2019
9/9/2019 6054 is seen by 19th Street and 14th Avenue NW on the Route 105 Lions Park. 9/10/2019
 12/20/2018 6055 is seen departing the 26 Street MAX Purple Station as a Route 307 MAX Purple to East Hills. 3/2/2019 
9/30/2019 6056 is seen by 80th Avenue and Saddlecreek Gate NE on the Route 61 Taradale. 10/1/2019
5/2/2019 An upper front shot of 6057 featuring the 4th Generation Luminator control panel. This is one of the newer versions, as the older monochrome style version from this bus was probably not working and needed to be replaced. 5/4/2019
 12/20/2018 A back end shot of 6055 waiting to enter the 17th Avenue Transitway on the Route 307 MAX Purple. 3/2/2019 

6060 is seen displaying Route 182 MRU South Express at Sandstone Terminal. 


6060 is seen by Saddletowne Station before it departs as a Route 71 Taradale.

1/16/2019   6061 is seen by Dalhousie Drive and Dalton Drive NW doing a short trip on the Route 9 Dalhousie. 3/2/2019 
9/30/2019 6062 is seen departing Deerfoot Meadows Station (EB) on the Route 43 Chinook. 10/1/2019
12/27/2019 6062 is seen departing Brentwood Station on the Route 303 MAX Orange to Saddletowne. 1/1/2020
 1/24/2019 6063 is seen outside of Brentwood Station as it gets ready to depart as a school tripper on the Route 834 Madeleine D'Houet Brentwood. 3/2/2019
 2/21/2019  6063 is seen by the 5th Avenue Layover as it prepares to enter service as Route 64 MacEwan for the PM rush. 3/2/2019 
 2/21/2019  6063 is seen approaching the 5th Avenue Layover point as it displays Route 157 Stoney Industrial. The 157 will be introduced after the Stoney Garage opens, which will serve from the new garage to Saddletowne Station during the weekdays. 3/2/2019

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