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Calgary Transit 2013 New Flyer XD60

In 2013, Calgary Transit ordered 10 New Flyer XD60s as expansion units for its existing articulated bus fleet. Similar the D60LFRs, they feature the rooftop Thermoking heater, touch strip doors, and the stop cords. Minor updates over the previous LFR models include the engine layout and cosmetic changes are also included.


Engine: Cummins ISL9

Transmission: Allison B500R 6 Speed

Seating: 55 seats (American Seating Vision) 

Destination Sign: Luminator Horizon LED


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10/26/2018   6064 is seen turning onto Elbow Drive and 4th Street SW on the Route 3 to Heritage Station. 3/1/2019
5/17/2019 6064 is seen departing Brentwood Station on the Route 82 Nolan Hill. 5/26/2019
1/14/2019 6066 is seen by 9th Avenue and 6 Street SE as it prepares to turn right as a Route 302 BRT City Centre.  3/1/2019
11/20/2018   6067 is seen leaving Heritage Station on the Route 3 Sandstone. 3/1/2019
1/9/2019  6067 is seen past Centre Street and 64 Avenue north on the Route 301 BRT to North Pointe.  3/1/2019
1/9/2019 6069 is seen driving past the intersection of Centre Street and 64 Avenue north on the Route 116 Coventry Hills Express.  3/1/2019 
1/14/2019 6070 is seen by 9th Avenue and 6 Street SE on the Route 302 BRT City Centre. 3/1/2019
6/11/2019 6071 is seen by Sandstone Terminal before starting its run on the Route 64 City Centre. 6/11/2019
2/22/2019 6072 is seen finishing a run on the Route 14 Bridlewood as it prepares to turn into Somerset Station.  3/1/2019 
6/17/2019 6073 is seen by Brentwood Station before departing as a school trip on the Route 834.  6/17/2019


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