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Calgary Transit 2001 New Flyer D40LF #7701-7714


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2/14/2019 7701 is seen departing Lions Park Station as it begins a new trip on the Route 31 Dalhousie. 3/22/2019
2/26/2019  7701 is seen along Beddington Boulevard NW on the Route 46 Beddington. 3/22/2019
6/24/2019 7701 is seen by 61st Avenue and Centre Street south on the Route 43 Chinook. 6/27/2019
11/25/2018  7702 is seen turning into the bus loop at Heritage Station after completing a trip on the Route 3.  4/27/2019
1/1/2019  7702 is seen by Centre Street and 64th Avenue N heading southbound on the Route 301 BRT City Centre. 3/22/2019 
1/23/2019   7703 is seen by 7th Avenue and Centre Street S on the Route 69 Deerfoot Centre (outbound). 3/22/2019 

7704 is seen by Brentwood Station on the Route 8 Foothills Medical Centre.

2/21/2019   7705 is seen driving along 14th Avenue NW on the Route 91 Lions Park Station.  3/22/2019 
6/10/2019 7707 is seen by Quarry Park Boulevard and 18th Street SE after completing a run on the Route 24 Ogden. 6/22/2019
6/22/2019 7707 is seen with its interior lights turned off as it enters Chinook Station to begin a short and final trip for the night as a Route 9 Westbrook Station. 6/22/2019
 11/26/2018 7708 is seen departing 5th Avenue and 9th Street SW on the Route 151 New Brighton via Deerfoot.  3/27/2019 
5/17/2019 7708 is seen departing Brentwood Station on the Route 65 Downtown West.  5/26/2019
 1/23/2019  7709 is seen by 6th Avenue and 2nd Street SW on the Route 305 BRT Bowness. 3/22/2019
 2/15/2019 7710 is seen at by Centre Street and 43rd Avenue NE on the Route 3 Sandstone. 3/22/2019 
7/5/2019 7710 is seen by 4th Street and 16th Avenue NW doing one last short trip on the Route 2 City Centre. 7/21/2019
 2/26/2019 7711 is seen turning left onto Beddington Boulevard and Centre Street N on the Route 2 Killarney 17th Avenue.  3/22/2019 
1/9/2019 7713 is seen by Centre Street and 64th Avenue North on the Route 142 Panorama Express. 4/27/2019
 11/26/2018 7713 is seen waiting to turn onto 5th Avenue and 9th Street SW on the Route 1 Forest Lawn.  3/27/2019 
6/21/2019 7713 is seen by Northmount Drive and Carol Drive NW in the heavy rain on the Route 20 Heritage. 6/22/2019
 3/17/2019  7714 is seen by Elbow Drive and south of 78th Avenue SW on the Route 3 Heritage Station. 3/22/2019
5/5/2019 7714 is seen on break by 7th Avenue and 1 Street SW on the Route 7 South Calgary/Marda Loop. 5/5/2019
6/15/2019 7714 is seen driving down the hill by the 4th Street NE vehicle trap (south of 60th Avenue NE) on the Route 4 Huntington. 6/16/2019

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