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Calgary Transit 2007 New Flyer D40LF #8007-8015


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1/18/2019  8007 is seen departing Brentwood Station on the Route 38 Temple. 6/9/2019
2/14/2019  8007 is seen departing Brenwood Station on the Route 65 Downtown West. 6/9/2019
4/7/2019  8007 is seen by 36th Street and Rundlehorn Drive NE on the Route 34 Pineridge.  6/9/2019
7/21/2019 8007 is seen by McKnight-Westwinds Station on break while on a shuttle run on the Route 85 Martin Crossing/Saddleridge. 7/21/2019
2/10/2019 8009 is seen departing Erlton Station as a Red Line C-Train Shuttle to Sunnyside.  6/9/2019 
12/8/2018  8010 is seen at Sandstone Terminal after completing a run on the Route 3 Sandstone. 6/9/2019
7/21/2019 8010 is seen departing Whitehorn Station on the Route 555 Dashmesh Centre. 7/21/2019
6/11/2019 8011 is seen approaching towards Barlow Station as a Route 127 Franklin Industrial.  6/11/2019
6/11/2019   8012 is seen departing Sandstone Terminal on the Route 146 Beddington. 6/11/2019 
12/5/2018  8013 is seen outside of the Calgary Tower on layover before beginning its next run on the Route 300 BRT Airport via Centre Street. 6/9/2019 
4/14/2019 8014 is seen preparing to turn into Heritage Station as it completes a trip on the Route 3 Elbow Drive. 7/21/2019
4/13/2019  8015 is seen by 6th Avenue and 2nd Street SW on break as a Route 3 Heritage Station. 6/9/2019 

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