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Randy's Transportation Photos

About this site and FAQ


This website: How it originated 

 I started this website as a result of constant thought after I had taken photos for a few months. The idea materialized after Flickr changed it's policy on free accounts as the thousand photo limit became a limitation, and rather paying for it I believed a website of my own was better given that I can have the flexibility of it. You can still find photos from my Flickr, via this link:

I don't update or post any photos on Flickr anymore though, because of the reasons specified earlier. In addition, some older photos that I believe to have been worse quality compared to some of the quality of my photos here were not transferred over to this site.


How I got into this hobby of Transit, and other similar related material

 I personally became interested as early as 2007/2008, where I had to film a short clip about the C-Train in a school project back in the first grade. Other things at the time that also sparked my interest was how I would be with family and ride the bus from start to finish for certain routes. There was a blank period though, when I had to move schools halfway into elementary which meant that I didn't really use transit that much for a few years. In 2016, that all changed, when I became interested again, and I had taken a few photos (albeit poor quality), and which I stopped by the end of that year. It was only by 2018 where I began to take the hobby to the next step, and in the future, I might also extend the scope of my photography work.


About myself (the webmaster)!

 I currently reside in Calgary and always had been interested with transit related material ever since I was fairly young, although I didn't start considering the idea of getting photos and documenting things until a trip I made to Vancouver in August 2018, where it sparked myself to head out and get photos of transit related material as soon as I got back from that trip. I am currently a high school graduate of 2019, and my plans to go into university are likely in the foreseeable future.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why do you like buses/trains, and transit related things in general? Isn't that sort of strange/taboo?

A: I'd like to think of it in a different way. It's kinda like being a Car Enthusiast, as there's many different types of cars, makes and models. Buses and trains are just the same, There's many different models and makes, and each vehicle has a story tied to them, including the powertrains the buses might have, or the layout of a particular model, and thing such as being involved in refurbishments or wraps for promotional events (such as the opening of the MAX rapid transit lines) also give a sense of uniqueness and variety towards a particular bus.


Q: Aren't buses just all the same? Most of them look the exact same as one another.

A: No. Just because they might look identical (except the fleet number(s)), they are not all the same. Some might have been damaged from collisions, some might have been refurbished, repainted, or some might have a modified powertrain. The list goes on with differences, and part of that is how they are maintained by their respective agencies. Some of the buses from the same batch within the same year might be worse or better than others, based on usage, and the condition of which they handle out on the roads when they're in revenue service. Small details and attention towards them is what sets them apart, and collecting each unit within a batch of buses is similar to how stamps, coins, or hockey cards are collected. Some might be more difficult to find than others, whether it's because they're on a route they usually don't run on, or because one bus might have had constant problems, whether that's mechanically or during difficult weather. Variety is also added when repairs are done, as there's a possibility of something being slightly different, whether it's cosmetically or mechanically.


Q: Have you met other people who are also in this hobby?

A: Of course. There's many people who are into this kind of hobby like I am, and collaborating with one or a group to get out and get photos is something that I cherish very much. It's about the fun and passion behind all of this, and having the ability to discuss with others about the hobby and the development of transit from various agencies over time as well.


Q: Do your friends know about this hobby? If so, what do they think about it?

A: Some do, but not many. I usually keep this hobby to myself apart from other people who are also into this hobby, with some exceptions. Maybe in the future if one brings it up, I'd shed some light on it, but for now I enjoy this hobby the way it is in regards to my situation. I think that the lack of respect and constant drama among people I've met who are not in the hobby, but via different means has shown that it's probably best to keep it close to those who understand and those who know what this hobby truly is.


Q: Do you have any other plans to add non-transit related photos or material on this website?

A: Yes, sometime in the future I also plan to add photos such as planes, or even general photography that does not relate to transit sometime in the foreseeable future. They will be in a separate photo gallery on this site.


This page was last updated on September 15, 2019