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Randy's Transportation Photos

Coast Mountain Bus Company (Translink) Photos 

Welcome to the Photo Gallery for Coast Mountain Bus Company Vehicles. Here you will find photos of vehicles (current and retired) that have been in operation with CMBC (Translink), along with those operated by West Vancouver Municipal Transit.

NOTE: Most photos in this gallery were photographed by myself, however, some have been kindly donated by Eric Liang.

Friendly Reminder: Permission must be granted if you like to use any of these photos. If you would like to use any of these photos for another site or for reproduction please contact the webmaster, or the photo owner. Thank you!


This page is still in the works, so most of the links will be working in the not too distant future.

*Some of the thumbnail photos were kindly donated by Eric Liang.*

Please scroll down to select a Gallery (click on the Vehicle Model) for photos and more information.

New Flyer XE40


No Thumbnail Photo Available


Last Updated: N/A

New Flyer C40LFR

 Last Updated: N/A

New Flyer D40LF  

Last Updated: 9/7/2019

New Flyer D40LFR 

Last Updated: N/A

New Flyer XD40

Last Updated: N/A

New Flyer XN40 

Last Updated: N/A

New Flyer D60LF 

Last Updated: 8/31/2019

New Flyer D60LFR

Last Updated: 9/2/2019

New Flyer DE60LFR

Last Updated: N/A

New Flyer XDE60

Last Updated: N/A

New Flyer E40LF, E40LFR

Last Updated: N/A

New Flyer E60LFR 

Last Updated: N/A

Orion V (05.501) Surburban

Last Updated: 8/26/2019

Novabus LFS

Last Updated: 3/4/2019

Novabus LFS HEV

Last Updated: N/A

Novabus LFS Suburban

Last Updated: N/A


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