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Randy's Transportation Photos

Updated Photos

Welcome to the Updated Photos Section! Here you will find photo additions or updates on this site, which will be listed below. Please note, going forwards I will write a mini blog on photo updates below instead of listing them, to give a better idea as to what has changed and what I've added to the galleries.


July 20, 2020 Update - Over the past few days you've probably noticed the website looks a little different now. I have redesigned elements of it to make it easier and better to browse around. With that said, I've been in the process of enlarging the sizes of fonts and various things to make it consistent, which will take time for everything to be complete. I've added some photos from early June to the CT gallery, however, there is a huge backlog as a result of the process of changing the sizes and fonts (like I mentioned before) which will take sometime before I fully update those photos. (Plus, i'm still out grabbing photos if there is anything interesting!) With that said, please check back soon for further updates coming soon!


Update for March 13, 2020 - Click HERE to visit the CT 2019-2020 School Year School Service Routes!

Older Updates